Swine Science Online – Meet the Instructors

Swine Science Online courses are taught by industry leaders at major universities.

Dan Andersen

Institution: Iowa State University

Course: Swine Manure and Nutrient Management

Email: dsa@iastate.edu

Website: http://www.abe.iastate.edu/daniel-andersen/

William Flowers

Institution: North Carolina State University

Course: Swine Breeding and Gestation Management

Email: flowers@ncsu.edu

Website: http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/an_sci/faculty/wlflower.htm

Laura Greiner

Institution: Iowa State University

Course: Basic Swine Science, and Swine Nursery & Finishing Management

Email: greinerl@iastate.edu

Website: https://www.ans.iastate.edu/people/laura-greiner

Dana Hanson

Institution: North Carolina State University

Course: Pork Product and Quality Safety

Email: djhanson@ncsu.edu

Website: https://fbns.ncsu.edu/faculty-directory/dana-j-hanson/

Jay Harmon

Institution: Iowa State University

Course: Swine Environment Management

Email: jharmon@iastate.edu

Website: http://www.abe.iastate.edu/jay-harmon/


Locke Karriker

Institution: Iowa State University

Course: Swine Health and Biosecurity

Email: karriker@iastate.edu

Website: http://vetmed.iastate.edu/users/karriker


Tim Safranski

Institution: University of Missouri

Course: Farrowing Management

Email: safranskit@missouri.edu

Website: http://animalsciences.missouri.edu/faculty/safranski/

Charles Stark

Institution: Kansas State University

Course: Swine Feed Mill Management

Email: crstark@ksu.edu

Website: http://www.grains.k-state.edu/people/faculty/Stark.html

Jodi Sterle

Institution: Iowa State University

Course: Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry

Email: jsterle@iastate.edu

Website: http://www.ans.iastate.edu/people/jodi-sterle

Bob Thaler

Institution: South Dakota State University

Course: Swine Nutrition

Email: robert.thaler@sdstate.edu

Website: http://www.sdstate.edu/index/directory/directory-detail.cfm?view=detail&ci=1937

Cynthia Wood

Institution: Virginia Tech

Courses: Employee Management’ and ‘Internship in the Swine Industry’

Email: piglady@vt.edu

Website: http://www.apsc.vt.edu/people/biographies/faculty/wood/wood-bio.html