Swine Science Online – Testimonials

Pavel Danil

Farrowing Supervisor for the Nelson County Pig Cooperative, Lakota, North Dakota

I recently took part in Swine Science Online, which is an educational and training program for future pork professionals. I am from the Republic of Moldova, where we have a different production system. After working on a farm in America, I wanted to learn more about how pigs are raised in the United States so I could improve and better care for animals in my care.

I first heard about the program at the North Dakota Pork Council’s annual meeting and convention. While visiting with individuals at the Pork Checkoff booth, they mentioned Swine Science Online and the educational opportunities it provides.

Swine Science Online was a very good experience. Besides the required courses for the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence – Swine Science Online Industry Certificate, I had the opportunity to choose some of my own. The online training helped me grow as a professional and be more confident in my decisions, ideas and vision for my work in the pork industry.

The professors answered questions I had about raising pigs, including everything from breeding and farrowing to finishing. They touched on new subjects each day, sharing scientific principles and management skills that I can use every day in pork production. The professors have a ton of experience and the heart to help students learn and grow their skills.  North Carolina State University’s Billy Flowers, helped me with all of the courses and served as my advisor for the program.

In North Dakota, we no longer have an Extension specialist, so it was great that Dr. Flowers was more than willing to help students anytime it was needed. I still exchange emails with the breeding management professor and continue to learn from him.

For me, Swine Science Online was straightforward even though English is not my first language. People who want to make a career in pork production should be taking these courses. The courses helped me become a better farrowing supervisor, which has allowed me to move up in my company. It makes a big difference when you sit at the table and know what your boss is talking about.

Through Swine Science Online, I’ve gained more confidence and knowledge. If you want to learn something about pork production and advance in your company, Swine Science Online is definitely time well spent.

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