Destination Pork


A comprehensive curriculum designed to expose and interest high school students in pork industry jobs and career opportunities.

Intended Audience

Ag Ed teachers and career counselors identified as key influencers of target audience: Youth 15 – 18 years old that have the potential to pursue a career in the pork industry.

Two Pathways Available:

  • DESTINATION PORK: Pathway to the Industry
  • DESTINATION PORK: Pathway to Your Future

Instructor Feedback:

  • “The curriculum fills a gap that was not taught previously.”
  • “Destination Pork helps me gain expertise and teach a content area I had little experience with previously.”
  • “This provided the opportunity for specialized instruction for students interested in the pork industry.”
  • “Destination Pork enhances the curriculum in a course I’m already teaching.”

Instructor-led experience designed for an Introduction to Agriculture course. Content and objectives are aligned with AFNR standards and focus on pork production.

Pathway to the Industry Features:

  • Seven Lesson Unit (ten 45-minute sessions)
  • Career Highlight Videos
  • Project-Based Approach

Pathway to the Industry Topics:

  • Overview of the Pork Industry
  • Pig Anatomy
  • The Pork Production Cycle
  • Pig Caretaking and Wellbeing
  • Pig Behavior
  • Pork Reproduction – Breeding and Genetics
  • Environmental Stewardship of the Pork Industry

Click here for access to DESTINATION PORK: Pathway to the Industry

Student-led experience designed for an Independent Study. An online module for students to identify and initiate paths to a career in the pork industry. Content focuses on career exploration and individual competencies.

Pathway to Your Future Features:

  • Series of Independent Courses (four 30-minute sessions)
  • Additional Experiential Activities* (four 60-90 minute sessions)
  • Comprehensive Career Portfolio

Pathway to Your Future Topics:

  • Value of the Pork Industry
  • Challenging Misconceptions of the Pork Industry
  • The People Who Work in the Pork Industry
  • Personal Destination Mapping within the Pork Industry
*Experiential Activities are optional activities to extend learning.

Click here for access to DESTINATION PORK: Pathway to Your Future